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Jessica Flanigan 

Autoimmune Paleo Nutritionist

Author & Creator of The Loving Diet


"Love is the bridge between you and everything"


I grew up in Florida with Bain de Soleil tanning gel and surfing. Depeche Mode and Madonna. I also had a grandmother from Ireland named Rose who taught me about growing your own food, not to be afraid of fat and the power of believing in everyday magic. I was always the person in college my girlfriends came to when they were sick or had yeast infections and needed homemade cures. I am mildly obsessed with hospitals and medical reality shows. I prefer 5 star accommodations to camping. For a span of 6 years while in my 30’s, I lived in a Japanese Zen Buddhist temple building complete with an outhouse, which was three miles down a dirt road and off-grid. I gave birth to my daughter there with midwives. I experienced my first spiritual breakthrough from heartbreak with my ex-husband. I have been meditating for over a decade it is still hard to sit and be quiet. My friendships run strong, deep and I am so grateful for them I am tearing up typing this. I do Cross Fit and happily come in last most days and lovingly call myself “The Caboose” in class. I have an 11 year-old redhead daughter Mae who is the light of my life and way cooler than I will ever be.

My life is a string of moment’s woven together I consider an unfolding miracle.

Philosophy of Happiness 

Loving what is present is my spiritual orientation. We all know it is easy to love the good stuff in life, right? But, what about the hard stuff? I help others love the hard parts because those parts have deep and profound wisdom that can be joy-givers if we choose it. I love the hard, easy, beautiful, painful, intense stuff. I love it all. So for instance, when something difficult happens to me, I go through a mental checklist of “Ok, how am I going to love this” and I get to work. I ask myself different statements to get through struggle like ‘what is the wisdom here in this situation’ or ‘what beliefs do I have right now that ready to be let go of’ I have an amazing healing team and teachers I work with, so usually with the big struggles, I call on my team to help me re-frame what is happening just like I help clients do with chronic illness. Then I give myself permission to feel all my feelings about it and just love myself regardless and in addition to those feelings. There is incredible freedom in this path because you truly move beyond anything in life being good or bad. Everything becomes a stepping-stone to grace. That increases my happiness exponentially because I know struggle is here to benefit me in some way, so I am able to deeply trust what is present in my life no matter what it is.

Humility + Love

I think when we die God asks us one thing. “Were you loving?” So I start and end all of my days from that perspective. It requires me to be 100% responsible for anything that shows up, so I am very thoughtful about what I want to invest in. I think life sets itself up around us with an individualized plan that can provide maximum wisdom for this. So while I used to spend a lot of time worrying about things, now I spend much less because I know my life will provide me with everything needed to accomplish this. It is deep work to trust this and stay on this path however. But I have found so much joy and relief knowing really all I have to do is show up and life will unfold accordingly that it has become easier to trust this path as time goes on.

Passion + Purpose

I am passionate about how people heal and why they don’t. I am passionate about how we come to the conclusions about our life and how we decide to invest in them or change them. I am passionate about treasuring my relationships that are built on love and more love. I am passionate about getting the word out that everyone on the planet is magnificent and worthy. I am passionate about fresh melons, mint crushed in my fingers while walking in a field, the tender embrace when you know it is real and when a person recognizes humility will get you farther than any other trait. I am especially passionate about how we find each other. Through the vastness of a universe filled with stardust, two souls will find their life partners standing in line at a Starbucks in an airport. Not one atom is ever out of place.

I provide insightful loving to my clients to help them discover the wisdom presenting itself through physical illness. When we have illness, our first instinct is to run away from it, or fight against. I believe the surest and fastest path to healing is by doing the opposite: cooperating with what is present, finding the blessings in our struggles and using everything to lift. That perspective is extremely effective because then we can use all the parts of our life (the good, bad and ugly) as a platform for wisdom, acceptance and compassion. It is truly a win-win for clients!


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