The Commonwoman

O U R    P H I L O S O P H Y 

Welcome to The Commonwoman, a beautifully curated collection of lifestyle products and mind+body+spirit wisdom shared by an intersectional community of women. The Commonwoman believes in nourishing traditions to inspire your palate with traditional whole foods that promote health and vitality. We believe in a holistic approach to life and aim to connect women with wellness, joy, and balance.

 Through exclusive articles and interviews you will connect with real women and experts. You will read about their joys, struggles, and tools by which you will be able to cultivate your own wisdom and empower your own life. We believe storytelling is the anecdote to the illusion of separateness and otherness among women and we embrace the healing that happens by evoking compassion and tenderness through the raw details of our lives. We aren't afraid to dig through the hard shit and we aren't afraid to lift each other up and say HELL YES to the joy and triumphs either. This means adjusting the framework, embracing taboos, and a little enlightened thinking. Competition among women and the loss of women's wisdom being spread woman to woman is a mark of patriarchy that we are working to repair through expression and voice.


O U R    P R O D U C T S

As women share what works for them, including various tools of creativity and wellness (i.e. gardening, journaling, meditation, crystal healing, eating real food), we really listen! We curate our collection of products in direct reflection to this beautiful community of women and what you have to say about living well.

What are you interested in? What helps you live a vibrant life? We want to know!



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