An Introduction to Crystals and Gemstones

By Veronica Janik


Crystals are a second nature way to connect with your own body and the earth.

To start, I want you to release any anti-crunchy dogma you may hold when it comes to crystal work. There is scientific evidence that shows the effect that crystals have on our bodies on a cellular level. I often think of my stones in a very simple way, gorgeous chunks of earth. There is so much available to the various species of the planet in terms of medicinal herbs, roots, and resins. In my opinion, crystals fit in quite nicely with the former. I recognize that the healing that comes from crystals is “vibrational healing” and that is typically what trips people up, but as I mentioned before, our cells react and interact with vibrations in many forms.  I want to share with you four stones I work with regularly, the ways that I use them, and what they are thought to metaphysically assist with.




Corresponding Chakra: Crown Chakra
Vibration: High

Selenite is my golden child stone. It’s a very high vibrating stone, and known as “the great cleanser.” Selenite cleanses the aura and expands consciousness. I find it very easy to slip into deep meditation with this stone, as it tends to make you feel slightly angelic. I love to place it under my neck/spine in Savasana. It is profoundly calming and extremely gentle. I always feel rejuvenated after using Selenite. It is also a great stone for those with psychosomatic illnesses and emotional blockages. Selenite can also cleanse other stones, which is an awesome bonus!




Corresponding Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakra
Vibration: High

Amethyst is also very calming. It supports cellular and metabolic processes as well as skin and psychosomatic issues. It’s great for subtly removing addictions and patterns that do not serve your highest consciousness. Amethyst is also great for headaches and insomnia. I keep a small piece inside my pillowcase underneath my pillow for deep restful sleep. This is another great stone for meditation! Close your eyes and place amethyst over the third eye chakra (middle of the forehead) and gently roll the eyes in and up for a cosmic experience. Combine this with selenite under the neck and you’ll melt into the deepest restful meditation you’ve ever experienced.



Corresponding Chakra: Sacral
Vibration: Earthy to High 

Chrysocolla is a detoxifying stone. It is said to stimulate the liver and help move various toxins out of the body. It is particularly known for assisting in the mobilization and removal of heavy metals out of the tissues and out of the body. As many of you know, Mercury toxicity was the source of many of my ills over the years. As I am still chelating, I wear chrysocolla everyday in the form of a beautiful ring. This stone also gently encourages independence and helps you speak your truth. This is a very special stone and if you feel drawn to it after reading this, I do hope you seek it out!



Corresponding Chakra: Base and Sacral Chakra
Vibration: Earthy

A few months ago I bought my first carnelian sphere because it absolutely took my breath away. Carnelian is a stone that soothes envy and jealousy, which creates space for gratitude to pour in. It also helps energize and materialize your dreams. For the creative person looking for assistance in manifestation, this is it! Carnelian is said to assist with mineral assimilation and correspond with the blood and metabolic processes. Carnelian gives us the power boost to set our thoughts into action. I just cannot say enough about my love affair with this stone. It’s the real deal, sisters!

Crystals are a great way to initiate your body to reconnect with the earth. When you choose your crystals, pay attention. Which stones jump out at you? Hold the different stones and pay close attention to your gut instinct. The entire process of choosing and working with crystals evolves our awareness. On the full moon, you can leave your crystals under the moonlight to cleanse and recharge. This will deepen your connection to the earth by gently reminding you to stay aware of the cycles of the moon. You may begin to notice other patterns happening in your life both emotionally and physically during the same course of time around the full and new moon.




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