Awakening Your Feminine Energies

With Thirlby 

Dried Turkish Figs + Mulberries, Orange Blossoms + Ancient Herbs Sourced Sustainably by Sun Potion

Making an offering to a community of women and a sister who has brought so much soul into mine spun my head around. So, I took my mind on journey into my heart. As a writer and anthropologist, what sung to me the most was telling a story through my offering. What I wanted to offer to The Common Woman readers was an experience, a sort of of Proustian one at that . . .

I was raised by solely my mother whose own grandmother was also a single mum. These women showed me that being on my own as a woman is not a hardship but the mothership of strength.

 As an offering, I wanted to tap into this feminine force and infuse it with my ancestral roots hailing from the straights of Bosphorus. So, my offering is a cake that is dotted with dried Turkish figs + mulberries, fragrant with essences of orange blossoms, + spiked with ancient herbs sourced sustainably by Sun Potion. This divine cake is available for order to be crafted and delivered in love. Please contact me for any inquiries!


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To enjoy with a slice or to awaken our feminine energies in the dawn of the day, here is one of my signature herbal lattés . . .


1 cup coconut milk or, if tolerated, sprouted pumpkin seed milk. Pumpkin seeds are deeply nourishing of the female reproductive system by balancing hormones, boosting libido, and mineralizing our bodies.

1 tablespoon coconut butter | this provides extra fats to fuel the mind, support the hormones, and provides a creaminess beyond any white chocolate ever could!

1/4 teaspoon Ashitaba | this tastes like an earth yet light sister of matcha green tea. It’s a blood building tonic that is teeming with Vitamin B12 + properties to support women’s health from breast milk production to skin health.

1/4 teaspoon Reishi | this adds such a deep layer to this concoction, not only aromatically but vibrationally. This mushroom is deemed the Queen Healer— reishi seeps into the bones and allows us to soften any edges caused by tension, fear, or anger. It allows us to tap into our authenticity and put the crown back on our queen selves . . .

1/2 tablespoon Tocos | eating tocos is like floating your taste buds on a pillowy cloud of vanilla ice cream. Indulging the senses + the skin with its force of vitamin E

Put the herbs into the potion, pour in love, splash in the milk of your choice and blend! As a side note, if you are able to tolerate raw, grass-fed dairy, this concoction would shoot itself to the moon if prepared with some raw, farm-fresh cream. Raw grass-fed dairy is extremely nourishing for feminine health and has been used traditionally to treat any hormonal or menstrual imbalances as well as fertility for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine.



Almila Kakinc-Dodd

My purpose in establishing Thirlby is to create a space to not only share my passion of cultivating beauty—from bites to within our being—but also to establish a community for authentic conversations, intentional makers, and conscious living. Many wellness, herbalism, or natural health blogs I had come across were mostly visually not pleasing, so I wanted to also create a wellness destination that was beautiful to scroll through. The wellness world is spreading, but it is still so highly concentrated in places like California and New York. My aim is to provide the space for these elements to be accessible to anyone living anywhere. I’m also expanding that into offering these resources to our still-growing wellness community here in Washington, D.C. with upcoming creative collaborations and workshops. Thankfully, there are incredible creatives such as Morgan of A Creative D.C., healing spaces such as Hälsa, and inspiring women such as Ariel of Chaia for such a gathering. Graduating from a women’s college has left me in hunger for a strong community of women and I am in awe of these female forces shaking + stirring up D.C.