Bentonite Clay Detox

By: Holly Nakashima

When I was young I have memories of going over to my grandmothers house.

It always smelled of windex and furniture polish. There were oil paintings of John Wayne, Elvis, and the Pope, of course! She had her rituals, odd oils she drank and always doused her self with olive oil, followed by sea breeze. To this day I actually have no idea how those two worked in unison but her skin was flawless and wrinkle free. Maybe it was the cod liver oil she drank every day or the fact that she was drinking holy water. As I got older I have really begun to honor and value her rituals and promised myself I would be just as kick ass.

Bentonite Clay.  Recommended on the Wahls Protocol to aid in detoxification, lighten the toxic load in our bodies and calm the immune system. Couldn't we all use that? Loving the unlimited uses of this clay and even use it as a weekly underarm treatment to purge and detoxify the area of scent. I no longer use any synthetic or natural deodorants!



A gentle and effective way to use the clay is as a foot soak. This is a good protocol to use if you have sensitive skin and need to ease into detoxing your body. It’s gentle enough on children and my go to action when my kids are feeling under the weather and want to promote gentle detoxification. Simply grab a small tub or bucket of warm water and put 1 tablespoon in the water and let feet soak 10 minutes. I add a little fresh mint for aromatics and it feels much like a spa treatment.



Need some major skin cleansing and purging? This mask is going to do it and the result is soft and glowy skin. I mix 1 tablespoon clay with 1 tablespoon RACV (Raw Apple Cider Vinegar –the mother) and mix into a paste. Apply topically to the skin and let dry for about 10 minutes and remove gently with a warm washcloth. This is a great option for oily or acne prone skin and would omit the RACV and use H2O if you have sensitive skin.   Some experience a tightness and redness while using the mask but it tends to lessen after you start a good detoxification rotation with the mask.



Are you interested in never wearing synthetic or natural deodorants or antiperspirants? Call me crazy but it works peeps!! With the same facemask mixture of 1 tablespoon clay and 1 tablespoon RACV, I apply the mask to my underarms 1 time weekly and let sit 10 minutes- shower it off in warm water. It eliminates odors, detoxes the area and have no need to worry about “stinking” around. I would have never pegged myself for someone who would be putting clay on my armpits but here I am.



Hot baths have always been my deep comfort and serious lifesaver. We all have those rough days but feel a therapeutic detox paths really sets the tone for a stress free environment and a optimal tool for health and wellness. Simply fill your tub with warmed bath water and sprinkle ¼ cup of bentonite clay into the water. Mix till well dissolved and it’s ready for your soak. A traditional detox soak is 30 minutes but as always, do what is best for your body.

NOTE: Remember to drink plenty of water when detoxing the body and individuals may experience adverse reactions. Some symptoms are dizziness, light headed and even a rash can occur- if you have high blood pressure, it is not recommended unless you have asked your doctor.



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