Colorful Field Guide to Upcycling at Home

Get to know Ariane’s

Dutch + Bow Seattle Modern Den

“It feels so good to brighten another woman's day with an affordable, handmade piece that can be worn with anything from a designer dress to a T-shirt from Target”

Who | Creator of Dutch + Bow 

What | Handmade ethnically inspired jewelry, found objects + reincarnated furniture 

artistic living

I am fortunate enough to work at home keeping up with my two sons, Dutch (age 6) and Bowie (age 3). Remodeling our home with my super hardworking husband who is a true rock star and learning how to enjoy cooking which I never really learned how to do.

I understand and feel from another person's perspective. I am by no means exemplary at this, but am definitely always trying. I think we get so wrapped up in our own lives, emotions and perspectives that it can be hard to see the viewpoint of those around us. Especially of those in other places with much different lives than ours.

happiness + balance

When I am excited about something I can't get enough of it and everything else falls behind. On one hand I get really passionate and extremely productive about whatever it is at the moment that I am so amped about, but everything else really gets out of balance. Our family lived in Europe for several years and we really learned the art of being leisurely and also how to make time just for the family. Stores close early and on Sundays, there are also more vacation days and holidays.  It was like we were almost forced to take time and relax. Now that I'm back in the U.S. it’s harder to maintain the balance but I'm learning how to manage my time. Learning to say "no" when I need to and how to create leisure time in our schedule. That is usually when really memorable things happen for our family and time is irreplaceable.

My passions are always evolving.  Fashion, making accessories and reincarnating old furniture have always been constants. Right now I am really into the work I'm doing to update our old house. We do most of the work ourselves so I am constantly challenged to learn new skills, get my hands dirty and to get creative re-using and up-cycling materials

Ariane in Dutch & Bow’s room with fixtures she upcycled, made by hand with reclaimed goods

design of dutch + bow

I really need something of my own. A creative outlet and something I could work on in my very few hours of free time.  Dutch + Bow, even though it's named after my boys it is all for me.... not for my husband or my kids. Making jewelry has been something I've enjoyed for many years and my recent obsessions with tassels and Mala beads just seemed to blend right in. It feels so good to brighten another woman's day with an affordable, handmade piece that can be worn with anything from a designer dress to a T-shirt from Target. The upcycled furniture and found objects let me continue to get my fix shopping at flea markets and thrift stores guilt free. 

The dining room + kitchen is a love it and can’t live without! Collected textiles and goods from their family travels create that custom well lived in look. Fixture handcrafted by Ariane using upcycled goods fitted with vintage findings. 

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