Dill and Garlic Pickles

By The Common Woman



A deliciously classic homemade pickle recipe that is simple and easy to make! Each individual batch is an experiment in flavor and unique to your individual taste. I love having a bottle on hand to take to picnics or shamelessly devour on a hot day for lunch.


10 minute prep time



4 cups filtered water

3 tablespoons fine sea salt 

4 persian cucumbers 

4 sprigs of fresh wild dill

6 cloves raw garlic

1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger

24 oz glass jar w/ lid (I like Kerr or Ball jars)


In a large pitcher, mix 3 tablespoons fine sea salt with 4 cups filtered water. Give a good stir and set aside.

With the glass jar, place the raw garlic and ginger on the bottom of the container. Now, cut the cucumber in 4’s (long ways) and start placing gently into the glass jar. Halfway through, place the sprigs of fresh wild dill into the container and continue packing the cucumber gently. Once full, pour the water and salt mixture into the jar completely immersing the cucumbers.

Place the jar on your kitchen counter, out of the sun and let sit 2-7 days. Open the jar daily to release pressure (bubbles and fizz), and give the cucumber a taste. Do this daily till it’s reached your desired flavor. Pop into the fridge once it’s pickled to your liking. Enjoy!