Everyday Meditation

By: Erica Traster


 As a yoga teacher and health coach I’m always providing my clients with simple ways to take amazing care of themselves.


But when it comes down to the one thing you can do every day to transform everything else - meditation is where it’s at. 

I remember in my yoga teacher training when we were told we were going to spend the next nine months meditating daily. It sounded overwhelming. But that daily meditation practice was the biggest takeaway from my experience. 

It taught me how to live an intentional life. To pause. To make decisions from a place of clarity instead of panic or desperation. To know what it really means to take care of myself and approach everything I do in my life from that intentional space. 

Meditation can be intimidating. It sounds foreign and scary. So many of us are concerned with what we look like, what others might think of us and whether we’re doing it right. 

Meditation is simply learning to sit with your stillness. It’s as simple as that. And starting a practice is even easier.

Find a comfortable and quiet space in your home. You can meditate in your bed when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed at night. You can sit on the floor on a pillow. You can meditate during nap time or after work. Whatever works best in your schedule is what you want to do.


Everyday Meditation Practice

There are many different styles to meditation, but this simple breath centered meditation is a beautiful place to begin. 

If you’re new to meditation, start with 3 minutes. As you begin to feel more comfortable you can increase the length of your meditation by 1-2 minutes. 

Begin by coming to a comfortable seat. Make sure your sit bones are elevated, by either the blanket or the pillow, and that your spine is tall. Allow your eyes to come to close. Notice your breath as it moves in through your nose. Notice your breath as it moves out. 

Continue to notice your breath. Thoughts will absolutely come to mind and that’s okay! When they do, simply return to your breath. If it helps, you can repeat a mantra to yourself while you breathe. One of my favorites is “let go.” With each inhale, telling yourself “let.” With each exhale, “go.”

Creating the space to meditate daily, even if only for a few minutes,will allow you to more easily find those moments of space throughout your day. And that’s where the real transformation begins to take place - where we learn how everything we do affects everything else.



Erica Traster

Erica is the owner of Flow + Glow Wellness where she teaches women to infuse beauty, love + abundance into their health, business + life through whole foods, meditation, self care + essential oils. She’s a yoga teacher, health coach and mama of two boys. You can often find her cooking food with love for her family, indulging in a hot bath or curled up with a good book.