DIY Coconut Charcoal

Face Mask



1 coconut charcoal capsule

1 tablespoon therapeutic grade manuka honey

1/4 tsp MCT oil


 My simple at-home Coconut Charcoal face mask is therapeutically healing and detoxifying for the skin. I apply this mask once a week, loving how soft and clean my skin feels after. A great mask to promote a healthy and youthful glow. 



Using a small ramekin or paper cup, open the charcoal capsule and poor into the container. Next, pour the MCT oil into the cup and give a quick stir making sure all the charcoal is saturated.

Once mixed, add the manuka honey and give a good mix till it's all combined (I like using a brown wooden craft stick) to mix.

Apply to the entire face avoiding eyes and lips. Let the mask sit for 10 minutes - remove with a warm wash cloth.

Note: the charcoal does stain so be sure to use a dedicated wash cloth your don’t mind marking up.