Finding Spiritual Connection in

Your Personal Power

By: Veronica Janik



“ I once heard a wise woman say, ask yourself, “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

Of all the ways to find connection in this world, finding a genuine connection with your own soul is by far the deepest treasure. In the western world, the analytical side of the brain is over-emphasized leaving us somewhat starved of spiritual connection. I do not only mean a spiritual connection beyond the physical realm with God or Source, but a spiritual connection with ourselves- our own soul.

One of the most common ways we reject our self-connection is within the general discomfort of using the word “NO.” You may wonder how this is spiritual in nature, so I am going to attempt to explain. Every time you “people please” against your own will, every time you do something that doesn’t sit properly with you, you leak purposeful energy. This can become immensely draining on a physical level. By doing this, you are essentially rejecting yourself and replacing your ability to act with someone else’s plan. Overtime, this disconnect can cause imbalance within your level of confidence and groundedness. Energetically you spread yourself thin rather than moving in unison with yourself! I see women as especially vulnerable to this as we are often taught to define our worth and our value by means of our relationships and efforts of service within them. This leaves that deeper connection with our own needs secondary and often dismissed.

In being authentic with setting boundaries in our work and personal lives, we ultimately do a greater service to others and ourselves by simply offering something more genuine in nature

By getting to know our sweet selves and our bright hearts, and by asking ourselves if a particular situation serves us, it will not only teach us about ourselves, but also ultimately ignite our intuition. I once heard a wise woman say, ask yourself, “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

“You have the ability and all of the tools to empower yourself and your life”

Finding joy and finding my power happened very much at the same time and I do not think this was a coincidence. When I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I was too exhausted to continue my usual behavior of bending and swaying to meet everyone else’s needs. I had to drop it all and start seriously setting boundaries because I was just plain exhausted. The comfort of saying, “NO” to the myriad of things I could not handle at the time actually rapidly moved my power back to me and I began only really doing things that filled me with joy. My physical body stepped in when it became clear that I was continuing to ignore my intuitive mind. For the first time in my life, I was able to locate the things in life that I ACTUALLY enjoyed.

Stepping into your power is a culmination of conscious moves you can make to move your healing process along and allow your spirit to fully move into the joy you are designed to live and thrive in.

You have the ability and all of the tools to empower yourself and your life. It begins with tuning into your needs first! Connect to your spiritual self by claiming your power and moving into your truest state of joy.