Basic Skin Care Rituals 

For Naturally Glowing Skin


Skin is the canvas that all makeup goes on... 

If the canvas-your skin is dry, cracked, oily or uneven, well your makeup will look like that too. 

I love when you can hardly tell someone is wearing any face makeup because there skin is so balanced.  Then makeup doesn’t look cakey or uneven.  I mean who doesn’t want to look like a natural beauty? 

But it starts with caring for your skin.  I’m not talking 12 steps to better skin, no just some basic keys that will help lay a foundation for skin that glows from the inside out.  



A Simple Routine For Glowing Skin


Cleanse only at night/rinse skin with warm water in morning 

Cleansing at night ensures your getting all the makeup, and daily grime off your skin.  In the morning just rinsing gets off any dead skin that may have sloughed off the night before.  However, there is no need to cleanse again.  I’ve found it can be very drying, and the best thing to do is a light rinse, followed by toning, and moisturizer.  This helps makeup apply evenly and smoothly.


Exfoliate twice a week + mask once a week

I’ve found most skin doesn’t need to be exfoliated more than twice a week.  Exfoliating is crucial to any face care regimen.  As all the dead skin is removed, product is better absorbed into the skin, not to mention your skin just looks fresh, smooth and radiant.  Exfoliating more than twice a week can disrupt the skin’s natural balance, and your skin can get too dry and red quickly.  Even once a week may be sufficient for some people.  Masking is so important and something people tend to neglect. There are many different masks, some for hydration, detoxifying, increasing nutrients or circulation.  Who doesn’t love a good glow, well a good hydrating mask can do just that.



Tone skin after cleansing and before serum and moisturizer

Toning is something people tend to skip, but it’s crucial for balancing skin and helping it absorb serums and moisturizers.  When skin is damp, pores are open, and ready to receive the nutrients and moisture it needs. 


Use a serum at night

Serums are essential for anti-aging and delivering nutrients to your skin.  They are what do the work while you sleep.  Have you ever noticed serums always come in an oil base?  It’s because your skin absorbs it better when it’s in that form.


Always use a moisturizer morning and night

I’m sure you’ve heard your mom say it and maybe even your grandma, but they were right…moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Think about it, when anything is dry it wilts and cracks.  The skin is no different; when your skin is dry it starts to get wrinkles and looks dull and ruddy.  When skin is moisturized it’s supple and the elasticity is there. 





Suzi of Gurl Gone Green

Suzi has been a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist and nail technician for the past 12 years.  While working in the beauty industry, she has come face to face with the harsh reality of the toxic chemicals used.  She is passionate about sharing her journey and knowledge.  Her passion for green beauty also extends into green eating and green living.  Besides always loving a good makeover, Suzi dreams of building an eco-house someday.  When She isn’t blogging for GurlGoneGreen, she is hanging out with her baby girl and husband.