Why I Went Green

With My Skincare Routine



I remember my face feeling so unbalanced before going green with my skincare routine. 

One minute it was dry, and so I would lather it with all these oils. I started getting tiny bumps on my forehead, from all the excess oil.  My skin was a hot mess!  I was always on the hunt for the newest product hoping it would be my “miracle” in a bottle.   Little did I know all the toxic chemicals that were wreaking havoc on my skin and causing my face to yoyo constantly.  

When I finally woke up and stopped putting chemicals on my mug, I started to see improvement.  I must mention too how important your diet is when it comes to the quality of your skin.  Products plus diet is my motto.  I get it, some people can eat junk, and have beautiful skin, but for the majority of us it doesn’t work like that.  It’s like with anything, what you put in is what’s going to come out.  Junk in, junk out.  Whole living foods equal glowing skin.  These last five years of going green with my skincare routine coupled with a whole foods based diet has changed my skin completely.  

My skin feels balanced, even and radiant.  Now, I don’t feel the need to wear a full face of makeup before going out.  I’m no longer trying to hide my skin, but let it shine through.  Now the products I put on my skin aren’t stripping it, but enhancing and adding to it.  After educating myself on natural remedies for skin, I discovered how the earth has so many minerals and plants that have healing properties.  Forget the synthetics, the earth has a boundless supply of what are skin needs! 



Baby Steps To Going Green

There is an app called “Think Dirty” and it has made going green with your skincare or makeup so much easier.  You simply scan the barcode of your current product, and it gives you a score from 0-10.  10 being very toxic and 0 being non-toxic.  It can help weed out potentially toxic products lurking in your bathroom.   

I challenge you to just replace one product a month in your skincare routine for a greener option.  It could be replacing your moisturizer, maybe your cleanser or just replace the first product you run out of.  Start reading your labels, and looking at what you’re really putting on your skin.  Before long you will begin to recognize toxic ingredients, and your skin will thank you! 

Stay tuned for more tips on going green with your skincare routine, and my tips on where to save and splurge!  Plus, all my green skincare favorites! 



Suzi of Gurl Gone Green

Suzi has been a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist and nail technician for the past 12 years.  While working in the beauty industry, she has come face to face with the harsh reality of the toxic chemicals used.  She is passionate about sharing her journey and knowledge.  Her passion for green beauty also extends into green eating and green living.  Besides always loving a good makeover, Suzi dreams of building an eco-house someday.  When She isn’t blogging for GurlGoneGreen, she is hanging out with her baby girl and husband.