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Signature Look



“Makeup has an amazing power to transform you into a more polished, enhanced version of yourself”

I’ve always had a thing for playing dress up ever since I was little.  Makeup was one aspect of dress up that was just too much fun!  I could create look after look.  Makeup has an amazing power to transform you into a more polished, enhanced version of yourself.  It can take a little girl and make her look like a woman, and an everyday face a bride.  My look has definitely evolved since I first started wearing makeup…let’s hope all of our looks have evolved!  Nowadays, I have a makeup look that is my go to for everyday.  Not that I don’t mix it up occasionally, but most days I stick with what’s familiar.  Oh and of course special occasions, I definitely have a little fun, and will do a dramatic lip or a smokey eye.  

I think it’s essential to have a standard look to go to for everyday wear.  I like to call it your signature look.  It’s what defines you, and what you feel comfortable in.  I mean most of us aren’t 13 anymore trying out the latest makeup trends everyday!  Once you have your signature look, you can vary from it, because you have a foundation to start from.  Some examples of celebrities with signature looks are Lauren Conrad and her winged black liner.  Also, I can’t leave out Gwen Stefani and her signature red lips!  Here’s mine…


My Signature Look:

-I start with my base, this could be your foundation or tinted moisturizer.

-Then I add my bronzer

-Next is blush and my highlighter

-Now I fill in my brows, these babies are so important! They frame your whole face.  If you’re not sure if they are shaped correctly, go to a professional.  This can make the biggest difference I’ve noticed for women.

-Then I add my powder to my lids and a neutral eyeshadow all over my lid.

-Now it’s time for my liner, I just line the top.

-Next is mascara

-Finally I put on some lip balm, and finish with some lip color.


That’s my everyday signature look.  When I’m traveling I know exactly what I need to bring.  Not that I might not add a few extras, but overall I know what I need.  Now everyone’s look is different.  I know some women have to wear eyeliner on the bottom and top, or they have to wear eye shadow in their crease.  Whatever makes you feel like you, then put it on.  My look works for me, and makes me feel comfortable. I’ve noticed creating a signature look has helped me streamline my makeup routine, save me time and money, and has helped me play up my best features.  Play around with your makeup and figure out what you really like.  Look at photos of yourself with different looks.  What do you gravitate towards?  If you need some help, enlist a close friend who will give you their honest opinion, and knows a thing or two about makeup.  Once you have your look down, then you can branch out and try a bold lip or a colored liner.  It’s so much easier when you’ve established your signature look.  


Suzi of Gurl Gone Green

Suzi has been a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist and nail technician for the past 12 years.  While working in the beauty industry, she has come face to face with the harsh reality of the toxic chemicals used.  She is passionate about sharing her journey and knowledge.  Her passion for green beauty also extends into green eating and green living.  Besides always loving a good makeover, Suzi dreams of building an eco-house someday.  When She isn’t blogging for GurlGoneGreen, she is hanging out with her baby girl and husband.