Hello lovely Women!

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

The theme for this month is Trust. Or in other words, trust the process. The retrograde climate continues, with Mercury now joining Mars, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion. Fortuitous Jupiter does go direct this month, adding some benevolent, expansive pixie dust to the equation, but on most fronts, it’s time chill, regroup, and ground. With all the world chaos, this is not such a bad thing!

Trust takes courage. I see it everyday with clients and friends taking big chances, changing their lives, and having faith in an unknown future. At the end of the day, it’s learning to trust yourself. No matter what is happening around you. And don’t forget your intuition. This natural ability can be your greatest guide in negotiating future choices and potentials. It’s your spiritual GPS, so don’t hesitate to tap in and, yes--trust it!

Xo Megan


Your May Horoscope:

Aries: You’ve been through the Cosmic ringer the last few months…the last few years, and may be feeling out of sorts with yourself and the world. It’s time to trust again. If this feels like a stretch, then I will remind you of all the amazing growth and breakthroughs you’ve experienced, and that you’re stronger, and freer to be your true self than ever before. Focus on positive growth, as for the rest…#ItsAllGravy

Taurus: Yes, you have the Mercury Retrograde in your sign most of the month, but balancing the cosmic equation quite nicely is a boost from artistic-pleasure-seeking Venus (your ruling planet) and the New Moon--both in your sign. That’s a lot of planetary love and inspiration coming your way! Honor the MR by dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, then give yourself permission to explore what brings you joy. #DoWhatYouLoveLoveWhatYouDo

Gemini: With Mars and Saturn (both retrograde) and the Full Moon all in your house of partnership this month, this is a time when you’re considering, questioning and exploring what you want and need in your relationships. Don’t overthink it, Gemini! Whatever your decisions, the answer lies in your heart, not your mind. Now more than ever is a time to trust your intuition. It won’t let you down. #SweetValentines

Cancer: Self-care continues to be a theme this month. You’ve been doing some deep purging, a process of letting go of what no longer serves you. (Garage sale, anyone?) Good news! You’re getting a boost from the Full Moon in your house of wellbeing, adding planetary grease to getting things done. Go Crab Go, but be mindful about your clearings-out. You don’t have to completely throw out the past to embrace your future. #CraigsList

Leo: Three words for you Leo: Grand Fire Trine! In layman’s terms? You have a have a trio of fiery planets aligning with your sun (you’re ruling planet), offering the potential to make some bold moves. Sure, there’s the Mercury Retrograde to negotiate, which is unfolding in your house of career, but ultimately it’s a prompter, inspiring you to seek creative solutions in making things happen. Trust your instincts, they’re spot on. #FireBall

Virgo: Jupiter--the planet of good fortune and opportunity--goes direct in your sign early this month, offering new traction and even--breakthroughs. Jupiter has been a fair-weather, fickle friend during its retrograde period that began in January. It’s in your corner now until September—so take advantage. Saturn is still kicking your butt, so also make sure that what you do is in alignment with your truth. #GoodVibrations

Libra: Your house of travel and culture is highlighted, prompting you to expand your world. Whether it’s Paris (I wish), the New Zealand outback (hmmm) or a road trip (I’ve always wanted to drive to Austin), brush off your your compass/GPS/airline miles and go. But, have all your travel ducks in a row, this is not a time to be spontaneous. A well-planned journey is more your style now. #LibrasBigAdventure

Scorpio: Money and finances continue to be a theme this month, especially in regards to securing your future. With retrogrades affecting your money stars, this is a time to embrace the process--two steps forward, one step back. Look at it this way, you have gained some valuable time to make good choices and, if need be, re-evaluate. Trust your intuition and don’t second guess yourself. #IShouldHaveBeenAnAccountant

Sagittarius: Your stars this month, Sag, remind me of a reality TV show. If you’re not into reality TV (and good for you!), let me enlighten you: Plenty of drama, excitement, turf wars and tears. Entertaining, but not much fun. This is a reminder that you are always above the fray, never hesitate to take the highroad, and don’t need to engage in drama in anyway. You know what you’re doing, so keep doing it! #BravoTV

Capricorn: Deep stirrings! Your watery house of the unconscious is being stimulated this month. Much like a melting pot of the past, this house holds worn-out dreams, past life memories, and visions that need to be revisited in present time. It reminds me of the 3 Ghosts from the Christmas Carol: The ghosts of the past, the present and what is yet to come. Spend time with your dreamscape, there’s profound treasure there! #DreamWalker

Aquarius: Cosmic Big Bang! As in the cosmological model for the beginning of the universe. What does this have to do with you, Aquarius? You have a planetary stellium in your house of inspiration, your natal home, your place of doing what you do best—inspiring others to their greatest potentials. This is your month to explode into new opportunities. Forget all naysayers, especially on the home front. Instead #StayTrueToYou

Pisces: Therapy moment, Pisces. Were you ever dismissed or bullied as a child because you were “too sensitive”, or had a hard time fitting in? Full circle time! Your house of communication is highlighted this month, inspiring you to explore new ways to express yourself and your vision. In the process old wounds about not being good or smart enough may emerge. Take your power and heal. Then, embrace your destiny. #ExpressingMe


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