I Have MTHFR Mutations– Now What?

Posted Mar 11, 2016 by Veronica Janik

So, my dad is super into my family’s ancestry and has been tracking my Eastern European roots as long as I can remember. He’s connected with Janik families (Janik is my last name) all over the country! He also found several women in our family named Veronica over the last couple hundred years, which almost gives me this magical mystic feeling because my parents did not know that it was a family name when they chose it for me. We know a lot about the origins of my Slovakian and Serbian heritage, but when we heard about the 23andME DNA testing, we were super excited to learn more. Needless to say, my dad got me the kit for Christmas and I was not only thrilled to learn exact percentages of my ancestry, but to also learn more about my genetic predispositions. My naturopath had already urged me to do this test to find out for sure what, if any, MTHFR mutations I may have. Aside from finding out that I was 1% East Asian, the three single snip MTHFR mutations were some of the most interesting and validating findings.

Although I was thankful to learn that I have NO double snips, the three single snips leave me at constant risk for B12 deficiency. They leave me susceptible to liver congestion as well, but thankfully that should be rather easily remedied with proper supplementation. Because I was a vegetarian/vegan for nearly ten years, I was already likely greatly deficient in B12. When I began my healing journey, my liver was also very congested. That has been something I’ve actively been addressing very slowly over the past year with the help of my naturopath who has prescribed herbs, castor oil packs, detox baths, and addressing underlying anger. The liver is the seed of anger. They go together. So, if your liver is struggling, always look into where you are emotionally with anger. I’m talking to both surface hot heads and the repressed types. I tend to be the more repressed angry type. It was very interesting to watch my anger surface as my depression healed. Anger is higher energetically in Hertz than depression, so sometimes as the body heals and the emotions heal, we move through different levels of consciousness. If you’re interested, look up The Map Of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins. It’s a chart showing the energetic levels of each emotion- fascinating!

I was very happy that this information was available to me to aid in achieving optimal health and that the treatment for these mutations in my case was very simple. This is not necessarily the case for everyone so I recommend working with a skilled practitioner to help navigate your own mutations. The not so simple part is now taking this information back to the rest of my family with the expectation that they value it as much as I do. With a history of heart disease, autoimmunity, and mystery illness in my family, these findings make me feel like I’m making real headway in the realm of healing this branch of the tree. Historically, pioneers of any version have been doubted and met with skepticism. I know that many women and mothers across the United States are realizing that we have tools to heal our lives emotionally and physically in a deep and holistic way. I also know that the best way to do that is to start with ourselves, to be an example of radiance at every moment we feel up to the task, and to show our loved ones the way rather than tell them. So, if you find out that you have an MTHFR mutation, do the work necessary to get your body, inflammation, energetic flow, and nutritional levels up to thrive worthy standards and the wisdom that brought you to that finding will begin reaching the people around you that are ready to benefit from it.

Stay the course my beautiful sisters! You’re right on track!

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