Lime & Mint Strawberry Mocktails

By The Common Woman

When having a party, it’s always great to serve a specialty drink. Something your guests are sure to remember and isn’t going to keep you standing at the bar. A refreshing beverage to serve with or without spirits and wonderfully hydrating anytime of day!

4 servings

24 hour over night prep time/5 minute serve time


1 liter filtered water

3 sprigs of mint (add more for garnish)

2 cups diced strawberry (add more for garnish)

2 limes (sliced thin)

Liquid Stevia (this is optional and perfection for a lightly sweeter beverage)

Combine the mint, strawberry and water into a large pitcher. Set into the fridge over night with lid on to let the berry and mint infuse the water.

When Ready to Serve: Place the ice cubes into a glass of your choice. Next, muddle 1 strawberry, lime slice and a couple mint leaves per glass and place into the glass. Pour the berry and mint infused water to the top and squeeze a fresh lime wedge into the glass. Before serving add 1 drop of liquid stevia, garnish with lime and don’t forget the cocktail straws.