Lyme & The Full Moon Connection

Our favorite Teen Blogger Gabriella Shares New Life And Sound Meaning Surrounding Lyme Disease


“When the moon is at its fullest the effects of Chronic Lyme Disease throughout my body flare, leading me to dive deeper into understanding my body from the inside out

During the time that the full moon arrives the symptoms that I experience from Chronic Lyme Disease go haywire. Lyme Disease is ultimately a bacteria infection my gut flora tend to get very unbalanced, neurological symptoms worsen, pain in my overall joints, muscle tissue, and bones kick into high gear as the spirochetes get busy rearranging and causing inflammation. Overall, it is when the moon is at its fullest the effects of Chronic Lyme Disease throughout my body flare, leading me to dive deeper into understanding my body from the inside out.

Though very little information on the subject of Lyme Disease and the full moon may not be documented, it is through my own personal experiences that I have come to notice a strong correlation between the two.

There are two known similarities between the full moon and the reproduction cycle of Borrelia Burgdorferi and that is that they occur on an average of every 30 days. When the earth is positioned at a certain point between the sun and the moon, the sun’s light reflects on the moon making it seem very bright to those living on earth, of which is why it is termed “full.” It is during this time that the gravitational pull of the earth increases of which alters our bodies internally even though we may not notice it, much like the ocean tides. Though we may not necessarily feel the gravitation pull, animals (including bacteria) certainly can, which in turn can make them “fussy.” Another aspect of the full moon cycle that changes the atmosphere around us, has to do with the electromagnetic field around here on earth of which has a subtle, yet very important job on our bodies at the cellular level. When there is a full moon the electromagnetic energy increases and again, though we may not detect it, animals have a high sensitivity to this. In turn, they typically migrate and mate, therefore would not be a far stretch to say that Borellia bacteria act in the same way rearranging and reproducing in one’s body around the full moon.

It is through this monthly cycle that I have learned to listen to my body more than ever, yet at the same time, it during these flares in my Chronic Lyme that I have also been taught how to ignore certain signals from my body. While this may sound odd at first, it all comes back to knowing how various internal aspects of the human body work, and being able to decipher which ones are truly worth taking notice of. An example of a symptom that worsens during the full moon would be my overall GI tract pain, bloating, and bacteria imbalance. In turn, this typically causes major food cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, which is very unlike myself. Therefore, instead of eating whatever it is that my body is supposedly telling me it wants, I choose to stay on the healing protocols that I have used to heal (most notably Autoimmune-Paleo and Ketogenic). This is certainly not always easy, and sometimes I have to come up with alternative “treats” to keep myself from being driven insane. However, in the long run it is worth it, and as long as I load up on probiotics and healthy fats, I am able to keep my body satisfied and on its healing path.   Though I love working in the kitchen, it is during these times that I try to take a break from my hobby, and explore new interests outside of food and cooking. Overall, this is a perfect example of how I have learned not to listen to by body, simply by learning it inside and out, and knowing what is best, even if my brain tells me otherwise.

Another aspect of Chronic Lyme Disease that worsens during the full moon, is the pain in various joints, muscles, and bones. While this may cause my brain to try and convince me that moving as little as possible is the best thing for it, I have learned to go against this and do the opposite. Now, this is not to say I go out and run a marathon, rather, keep a mindful awareness to how much rest time I have in comparison to the time spent in low level activities. Typically, I will stretch on the Pilates reformer, rebound on my mini trampoline, and go for a morning walk, all of which keeps my body connected as a whole, helps with detoxing, and overall pain management. That being said, there are other days where I simply cannot get my head off of the pillow, and it is during these times that I have learned the importance of taking a break from all daily activities. I have always leaned towards keeping myself busy despite how sick I have been this can be difficult, however I am learning that it is OK to take a step back and rest without feeling guilty.

While sleeping has always been an issue when dealing with chronic Lyme Disease, trying to fall asleep, and stay asleep becomes exceptionally harder during the days leading up too the full moon. While getting adequate amount of sleep on any other day of the month is something I always strive for, the full moon is time where I actually do the opposite and stay up later than I typically would. While this may also sound a little weird, I have come to realize that trying to go to bed at a decent hour actually does more harm than good to my body. This is due to the fact that when I try to go to sleep during the full moon my brain and body feel wired, despite eliminating exposure to blue light and other melatonin suppressors. Wearing orange tinted glasses, taking a few herbal supplements for sleeping, and using F.lux application on my computer may works on a regular basis yet they are not enough to help when the Lyme spirochetes become active during the full moon. Instead of going to bed, becoming anxious, tossing and turning, and allowing myself to worry over the small things, I allow my body to have a break from the usual schedule by staying up late and doing the things I enjoy. This may include talking to friends, watching a favorite show or reading a good book. Once the full moon has passed I make it a priority to get into my regular routine of getting 8-9 hours of sleep. 

…. it is not the symptoms that I try and focus on during this time rather the learning process..

Overall, the connection between the full moon and the symptoms I experience with chronic Lyme Disease is clearly connected. However, it is not the symptoms that I try and focus on during this time rather the learning process how I can make the most out of these lingering effects of Lyme spirochetes in my body. While I may feel worse, with an increase in GI, neurological, and overall bodily pain, it is during these times that I am reminded just how much of a blessing the better days are. While every full moon may not affect me in the same way, it is truly work in progress on how to live with the increase of symptoms when they do arise. Just when it feels as if I have everything figured out to keep my body going in the right direction, the full moon comes around and I am faced with the challenge of using the flare for my advantage in learning my body more. Sometimes it can feel hopeless, as nothing I do seems to help, yet more than often, I get through with greater knowledge of my own body that I had before.




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My name is Gabriella, and I am the teen blogger behind Beyond the Bite. Beyond the Bite is a site where I share Paleo recipes, health information, personal experiences and awareness of Chronic Lyme Disease. Lyme is not fully acknowledged by most doctors and it was not long into my illness that I began doing research on food, the human body and the science behind it all. This was a way to do everything in my own power to heal! Throughout the years I have also become very passionate for being in the kitchen, learning anything culinary related, and serving people with the food I create. While the damaging effects of untreated Borrelia Burgdorferi has had on my body may still prohibit me from living a normal healthy life, I believe that the reason behind my illness is something far greater than I could ever imagine. I remain certain that the future will be bright. Eventually I plan on pursuing a career in the field of medicine, food and where I can bring light, hope, and encouragement to Chronic Lyme Disease. Following the Primal Diet and lifestyle principles are allowing me to overcome the odds and promote healing.