Making Over Bells Palsy

By: Erin of Enjoying This Journey



Weeks before the onset I was dealt a number of viral hits.

From bouts of vertigo that I suspect was because of an ear infection, to a virus in my muscle that later released by my chiropractor. Since Bell's Palsy happens more frequently with people recovering from viral infections, I can only think a virus was what triggered my Bell's Palsy.  To be fair, I had a fairly mild case. The inflammation I experienced was not as bad as many I have read about and later heard others experienced. 

Bells Palsy is paralysis of the facial nerve, causing muscular weakness in one side of the face. 

The two most significant symptoms experienced:

  1. The muscles beneath my right eye were relentlessly twitching

  2. The right side of my face was droopy and puffy.

 I also had a few incidents where I almost drooled on myself and caught myself struggling with speech a couple times. Although those last two weren't noticed by anyone but me.

At first I was trying not to panic.

I caught glimpse of myself in the mirror and did a double take.

My mind raced through the possibilities. I questioned if I'd had a stroke, but I had my doubts as none of the other classic stroke symptoms fit.

Once I knew it was Bell's Palsy I felt relief wash over me. While my husband swore the drooping in my face was not "so noticeable", I could see the difference and my chiropractor noticed immediately when I went in later that afternoon. I was wearing a smile that was not my own and that began to bring on insecurities.

I wanted to figure out why I was so upset about a droopy face. I don't consider myself a vain person. Bell's Palsy is not something I can hide, short of wearing a mask. My entire life I've tried to hide my psoriasis as best I could and it took me nearly 30 years before I finally shed those insecurities. I came to the conclusion that at least part of these raw emotions were resurfacing from my past.

Taking Action

I asked some friends for suggestions and received some great insight.

Immediately, I started doing self lymph drainage as well as being more diligent with dry brushing in the morning.

I also applied my DIY Thieves Oil Blend to my spine. I flushed my system with bone broth and lemon water, daily oil pulling, hot compresses on the right side of my face, and getting as much rest as I possibly could.

Bell's Palsy is said to be inflammation of the facial nerve and since I already am quite familiar with "anti-inflammatory" tips and tricks, it wasn't anything I hadn't heard of or done before. In a matter of two weeks I had already seen major improvement with my BP symptoms. I feel like I'm getting my smile back and the twitching is now gone. I am hopeful that I will see a full recovery soon, only when I look for any signs of droop do I see it and I still trip up with speech occasionally. 

While I've gotten plenty of supportive and kind words from friends, family and online, my husband has been my biggest support. Not once did he bring up or point out a symptom of mine. Well, I have to give my kids credit, too. They did not raise a brow at their momma’s face at all!  I consider my family to be the biggest blessing in my life. So happiness for me typically involves going on family hikes, coloring or crafting with my daughter, snuggling with my son (while he still lets me!), and playing games with my husband. I also recently rediscovered my love for "penpalling". There's something so alluring about a handwritten letter! 

"We rise by lifting others" - there is so much truth in that.



Erin of Enjoying This Journey

Erin is a wife and SAHM striving for a healthy future. She is an experimental cook, appreciator of organics, and continually seeks knowledge about food and lifestyle and their effect on autoimmune disease. She blogs about her journey with her family and food at Enjoying this Journey.