Pancetta Roasted Brussel Sprouts with

Creamed Vanilla Butter


I love food with a story, rooted at home and serving the unexpected.  Most of my joy is found while exploring the streets of Seattle, dining and thumbing through old vintage books.  A place of inspiration is the kitchen and this dish starts and ends with the imagination.  It’s time to get comfortable with the savory and take a step into a serious table romance.  A side dish that feels much more like a meal and enjoy serving this on one of those dark and dreary days in Seattle where comfort food is required.  

Over the weekend we thought dinner at midnight was needed.  Candle lit, farm to table and pleasantly surprised with the aromatics of stewed vegetables.  They served the most delicious creamed salted butter with vanilla bean and literally melted in my seat.  This blend opened up the table to simplicity, refinement and created timeless.  

This dish was made out of necessity and nourishing not only to the body but also for the soul.  I believe in whole food healing and think it’s quite possible everything tastes even better with pancetta and rich roasted vegetables.  With all these gorgeous dynamics in the kitchen you know how important it is to me to also be quick and fussy free.  Having beautiful food to serve to friends and family is a 30 minute affair in my life because I really want that time and space to enjoy the love and lush.  I encourage you to spend some time in my kitchen space, exploring the simple recipes I share with you to create that romance at home.  A life of no regrets, cultivating a space of pure nourishment, love and believing anything is possible.



4 servings

(Paleo/ Gluten Free / Whole 30)

5 minute prep/25 minute cook time 

3 cups halved brussel sprouts 

pastured butter

pure vanilla bean

6 oz pancetta (I like using Creminelli Fine Meats)

fine sea salt (maldon)


Pre-heat oven to 415 degrees

Using your favorite oven safe dutch oven or cast iron pan, warm 3 tablespoons pastured butter into the pan on medium heat.  Once warmed, add the halved brussel sprouts and toss well into the warmed butter.  Season to taste with fine sea salt and sauté till almost lightly browned.  Next, add the pancetta to the pan and sauté gently for about 10 minutes till both ingredients are browned and sizzling. 

Place the pan into the oven for 8-10 minutes.  Keep an eye out to make sure not to burn.  There is no saving burnt brussel sprouts!

In the meantime let’s get the vanilla butter blended.  Simply add 2-3 tablespoon pastured butter to a small ramekin and add a pinch of fresh vanilla beans.  Mix well and add sea salt (to taste) to the mixture. Easy right?

Remove the pan form the oven once everything is warmed and golden brown.   Add the creamed vanilla butter to the pan and bend well till melted. 

This is a food lover’s paradise.  Serve large spoonful’s into your favorite deep fitted bowls or enjoy family style.  Note: It’s not just for special occasions.  This is meant to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.