Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue: A Little Insight in Hindsight

By: Veronica Janik

 Here is what I know...

By 24 I had worked my body into a state of full blown burn out. I graduated college and the weeks that followed suddenly felt like the air had been sucked out of me. Literally, crushing fatigue. The kind of fatigue that makes tasks like going to the grocery store or climbing a set of stairs feel like your body might give out at any second. I took my research to the best naturopath I could find, one I knew was well versed in treating the underlying causes of chronic symptoms such as fatigue, random wide spread pain, digestion issues and much more. I needed a doctor who was willing to look at the whole of my person and connect the dots between my physical and emotional well being without putting it in one absolute category or the other. For example in western medicine diagnosing me with an anxiety or depressive disorder or an autoimmune disease rather than testing to find out if I had an underlying infection causing the inflammation that might lead to one of these conditions.

Throughout my journey to heal my body on a deep core level I have not only healed on levels I never knew possible, I have learned and hope to share some of the things I think helped me the most along the way. I highly recommend finding a doctor willing to test you for the right things. Shift your framework on how you might imagine you'd recover from years of fatigue or anxiety. Find a Naturopath or functional medicine doctor that will test your hormone levels with a 24 hour salivary index test, I have heard that Bio Health Adrenal Index is the gold standard for accuracy. Next, I recommend having your levels of heavy metals tested, food sensitivities, gut pathogens and health (ie. parasites, candida, flora balance), and potentially also doing energy work with someone you legitimately trust. 

Aside from the tests I would request from your doctor, I want to offer a few things that I feel made the biggest difference in my journey to health.


No 1.  Radically Changed My Diet

This was probably the hardest because I had been a vegetarian for about ten years by age 24. So after much research I decided to adopt the Autoimmune Paleo diet. Eczema is the only diagnosed autoimmune disease that I have, however, this diet addresses most of the core common allergens today thanks to our increasingly polluted food system and thus it is also an anti inflammatory diet. Within a few months I began to notice subtle shift in my health due to this switch so I highly recommend it. There are controversial views on how you should be eating with adrenal fatigue but I believe a moderate protein diet with plenty of high quality fats and loads of vegetables can be a very healing diet for many people.

No 2. I Supplemented My Body For An Extra Boost

I took several high quality supplements to further support my body. Prescript Assist is a probiotic that is soil based that made a huge difference in how I felt both physically and mentally. And yes, your gut flora effects your mood without a doubt! Aside from my targeted protocols created by my naturopath to deal with my heavy metal poisoning and parasites, I took anti inflammatory supplements such as Liquid Tumeric, Vitamin C, Zinc, and CoQ10. I supplemented with an incredible herbal adaptogen blend made by my naturopath that made a huge difference in my energy levels as well as low doses of pregnenolone and DHEA which were closely monitored and prescribed based on my personal test results, so don't just start taking this stuff. Lastly, of course, high quality B vitamins, digestive enzymes, minerals such as magnesium, and small amounts of HCL in the beginning to heal my heartburn, and it worked ladies and gentlemen!



No 3. I Took A Major Break From Unhealthy Relationships 

I took a break from unhealthy relationships and meditated on my life in general. I spent a lot of time meditating over the last two years because I was too fatigued to exercise or even do yoga. I took time away from my family, from friends, and any other event or thing that I felt was bringing unrest into my life. Over time I had lost my sense of self and my own power. I had forgotten who I was so I separated to come back to myself. Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for doing this, it's normal and healthy to set boundaries for your own well being. So whether its a relationship to a person, or to a job, re-evaluate it. Put yourself first and start reclaiming your energy by getting comfortable saying "No."

No 4. I Rediscovered Joy

As a young person I had hardened in a pretty real way. I was coarse and had learned to keep the best of myself tucked away. As I became comfortable with who I was for the first time as an adult, I noticed more and more happy moments sort of creeping in. I started having genuine fun, genuinely investing in love and consciously shifting my anger into understanding when it arose. And for me, this is a continual process. A continual effort to move through the emotions that surface. So my advice here is to find things that bring you genuine joy. If you are on the path to wellness, you are following your soul's journey and without a doubt, happiness awaits. Start with forgiving the people who have hurt you.

No 5. I Let Spirit Guide Me

I believe that in prayer or in meditation we can easily be guided by whatever higher power we live by. I listened and I gave up all my fears. My fears of never healing, my fears of being alone, trapped, unworthy... I let them all go and I put all my trust in my destiny and I let that energy run through my body instead. 

I also worked with an amazing therapist who was a license marriage and family therapist with a radical esoteric twist who guided me through past life and current life traumas to calm and free up space in my nervous system. Any kind of energy and nervous system therapy techniques such as EFT, ERT, Trauma Release work, etc. are worth it! 


Be patient, you are working through something you will be grateful you stayed devoted to for the rest of your life. Healing from adrenal fatigue is tedious and can be long if you are in a later stage. Yet, you're exactly where you're supposed to be, try your best to trust the process. Remember to view your body as an entire functioning organism. The mind is not separate from the health of the body and the health of the body is not separate from the health of the mind. Your body wants to heal, your body can heal!