Roasted Garlic Spears

By The Common Woman

At Seattle’s Pike Place Market you are surrounded by fresh and seasonal produce year around. Summertime is filled with rows of peonies and an abundance of Garlic Spears. These are the flower tops from Elephant garlic and have such a lovely and mild garlic flavor when cooked. The whole stem can be eaten, as is.- no waste. These can easily be steamed or sautéed and love serving this dish with lot’s of good fine herbed sea salt and lemon zest. Sure to brighten any meal!

4 servings

15 minute cook time/5 minute prep time


1 large punch of garlic spears

fine sea salt

olive oil

fresh lemon zest


Pre heat oven to 415 and line one large sheet pan with parchment paper

Trim 1 inch off from the bottom of the spear and discard. Gently place all the garlic spears on the sheet pan making sure they are laying flat and not over lapping-this guarantees even roasting and browning.

Drizzle spears with olive oil, sprinkling of fine sea salt to taste and place into the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Once removed from the oven, plate warm and serve with a lively shaving of lemon zest and finish with your favorite fine sea salt.