Say Hello to Neighbor Designs + Neighborgoods

Designer, Illustrator and Foodie Theme Creator. 

Jodi Shares Sweet Inspiration and Wicked Love for Baked Goods.


Do More of What Makes you Happy

I am a designer, illustrator, business owner, daughter, friend, sister, wife, doggy mom and friendly neighbor. I run a design business focused on branding and packaging for clients in the food industry, Hello Neighbor Designs, as well a business specialized in food-themed, screen printed goods called The Neighborgoods. I love putting a smile on someone’s face whether it is through my design work, my products, a homemade treat, or walking my dog, Badger, down the street (he’s really cute, you can’t help but smile).

I draw my inspiration from my love of food. I am continually struck by the natural beauty you can find in the simple fruits and veggies you see walking through a farmers market or your local grocery store. Plus, I have a sweet tooth and enjoy baking up treats whenever possible; it’s where some of my recipe illustrations come from. 

 “I encourage people to take risks to follow their dreams and

believe things have a way of working out in the end”

A Love Life

I LOVE going to flea markets and stoop sales. My all time favorite trip that I TRY to make every year is to this gigantic antique flea market in Brimfield, MA ( - do not judge it from the website, it is the best time ever!). I go with my sister and some friend’s, we camp out at night and shop during the day, the perfect combo.

Walking around my neighborhood/city exploring shops, restaurants and charming blocks I may never have known about before. Having lived in NYC for the past 10 years I know a lot of these streets but luckily it’s a big city so there is always more to explore! I moved to DC in August so I am looking forward to a new city to check out.  I also enjoy hiking. Being in the city there isn’t ample opportunity to get out there and hike too much, but we occasionally travel upstate to Cold Spring, NY and get some hiking in there or on vacations. The most impressive hike that I’ve done was climbing Mt. St. Helen a few years back. I never attempted such a long and rigorous hike before and felt really great after accomplishing it (then really sore the next few days).

BAKING – my love of baking is one of the inspirations I had to start The Neighborgoods, my cupcake recipe design is from the cake I make my husband every year for his birthday. I enjoy creating something delicious, making it cute (of course) and then sharing with my friends and family. Being able to make something special to brighten people’s day and make them smile, makes me smile. I also used to bake a special treat for all of my design clients every year for the holidays. This became my favorite project of the year, which led to narrowing down the focus in my design business to work with food clients only, seeking out those jobs that I really love doing the most.

Editorial Illustrations for the Food Network.  There are a total of 11 illustrations in the series, each depicting fun banana characters. 


Rooted Passion

When The Neighborgoods started, my hands touched every single part of the process from sketching the illustrations, sourcing the products, burning my screens for printing, mixing the inks down to designing and hand applying the packaging to each and every product. I put so much care into each piece and feel that extra love shows. In growing my business, I have now taken a step back from EVERY part of the process and have outsourced my printing but still play a part in working with all of my printers and being sure everything is up to The Neighborgoods standards my customers have come to know and trust.

“I put so much care into each piece and feel that extra love shows”

A lot of my designs start from a personal story so they all hold a special place in my heart. For example, my cupcake recipe print comes from my hubs favorite cake recipe that I make him every year for his birthday. My pancake recipe print is from my in-laws family recipe book, and my pickle print was made especially for my pickle-loving friends birthday present.

Running The Neighborgoods along side my design business is a lot of extra work, but totally worth it! Being able to create my very own illustrations is so much fun and helps inspire my design work for clients as well.  I also love seeing my artwork come to life through my goods and love it even more when I can share these creations with customers who get just as excited about my products as I do.

I try my best to keep a positive outlook on life and to let go of the negatives that can bring me down. I encourage people (and try to live by this rule myself) to take risks to follow their dreams and believe things have a way of working themselves out.