Sunday Market Angel Guides

By: Veronica Janik

  A couple of days ago I went to spend an afternoon alone,

lunching and shopping. My favorite market is on Sundays in Hollywood, and there is a woman there who I have been buying crystals from for the last four or five years. Some Sundays, sometimes with several months in between, I wake up and just spontaneously think of going to the market to see her.

She’s the kind of woman who looks you straight in the eye when she speaks to you. She’s extremely intuitive and has a way of delivering clear and powerful insights right on the spot. Last time I saw her she told me without touching my body that my IT bands on my legs were tight, and handed me a stone in the shape of a massage wand to begin working through the tension I held there. Prior to this, she had no idea that I had such pain in that area of my leg, and that I routinely requested massage therapists not touch my legs at all!

This last Sunday I went to see her, and this visit was a little different. She offered me a crystal cleanse which I have not done with her before. She used a combination of stones I have mostly never been in contact with. As I closed my eyes and she walked away, lightness washed over me. I felt my body vibrating intensely and I could feel the deep movement that was taking place.

I felt angelic and otherworldly; there is no other word to describe the experience.

Areas of my body felt weightless and others felt heavy. My body did not feel whole or physical. I had to open my eyes to reduce the intensity, but I was still able to enjoy the sensation even with my eyes open.  (Side note: If you ever have the chance to work with the rare stone, Moldavite, DO IT!)

 When we spoke after the session she emphasized the need to continue moving the lymph in my body and gave me a few suggestions on how to do this. One of these suggestions was rebounding. For those of you unfamiliar, this is basically bouncing on a small round trampoline to help move the lymph in the body.

My Naturopath has been recommending I do rebounding for the past year, and although I am not proud of this, I have just not done it. When I told her this, she replied that sometimes we don’t do things because of what will happen once we do. In other words,

my resistance to rebounding was resistance on a subconscious level to whatever changes in my mental and emotional state of being that shifting the lymph in my physical body would invoke; of course, on a deep level, likely emotional shifts that I haven’t wanted to fully acknowledge.

Of course, I know exactly what changes she was referring to. Wow, this wise perspective hit me like a ton of bricks. How many things do I tell myself I will get to later? This had me really thinking... My personal list goes ON AND ON!

The unknown variables that go along with chasing after everything we want in life feel scary, but I feel like it is important to remember that feeling stuck can sometimes be a very comfortable limitation. Before I left, Lenise lifted her head smiling and said, "Veronica, get the fucking rebounder."  

I woke up feeling radiant and confident after my Sunday in LA and I know that was a result of my decision to bring awareness to my self-imposed limitations. That simple awareness felt so freeing. I’ve decided to be brave and go get the rebounder.  

What have you been resisting? What are the deep changes that might occur if you move forward with that “thing” you’ve been subtly avoiding. Who are the guides in your life, and do you listen when they appear?